Monday, January 13, 2014


Paige Walton
6:44 AM (13 hours ago)
to me, Tyler, Elliot, Whitney, Luke
Alright dad, let´s see if I can spell it so you can try to pronounce it. Baaa-daaa-hose, or maybe bah-dah-hose? Yeah, I think the second one is better. Alright, well this week. Man was this a big week. It was so much fun though! So tuesday I spent the morning packing, and although we missionaries may not have a whole bunch of stuff, it really does take a while to re-pack everything when you leave. Then we said goodbye to our mini missionaries and went to Alcantarilla, one of our pueblos in Murcia where I got to say goodbye to some of the people who I came to love more than I knew. Then we woke up wednesday morning and went to the bus station. We said goodbye to some of the elders that left before me and then my bus left at 11:15. Saying goodbye is never fun. As happy as I was for a transfer, saying goodbye to the members, the investigators, and the missionary friends you´ve made there is really hard. So my bus ride was literally to the other side of the country. We got to Sevilla at 6:45 where I met my new comp, Hna Muse. By the way I love her to death! She´s from Texas and I just love her. Then we caught a bus at 8 to get to Badajoz and got here at 11:30 wednesday night. Woot woot! a whole 12 hrs on a bus! haha. Yeah, it was a long day.

But wait! It doesn´t end here. We had time for weekly planning and one cita (which ended up falling through on us anyway) before we headed back to the bus station to go back to Sevilla again for zone conference the next morning. We got to Sevilla at 11:30 and then stayed the night in the piso of some of the hermanas there. Then we had zone conference in the morning and it was way fun to get to meet some new missionaries and see old missionaries that I hadn´t seen for a while. Oh! And my new district leader is Elder Harman and he basically is like Luke´s twin. It was really weird. But they look super similar and they have the same body build and they´re basically the same person. After zone conference we had a little time to eat and chat and then we caught another bus to go back to Badajoz friday night and got back here around 7:15. Oh man, we traveled so much this week! It was weird, but fun too. Although I haven´t gotten much sleep because we´re always getting home late, haha, but that´s ok. 

Then Saturday we had a normal day. We found this awesome new investigator that is just the coolest! His name is Maxi and he was an antiguo investigator. We got a cita with him and it went incredibly well and we´re hoping we can set a baptismal date with him tonight at the cita we have with him. He came to church yesterday, is married, stopped drinking on his own, and is basically a golden investigator! It was an incredible blessing. Oh! And did I mention if we get a baptismal date with him, that´ll be the first time the hermanas here have had a baptismal date in more than 5 months? Yeah, Badajoz is really pretty and clean and very european, old cultural buildings and all that fun stuff, but it´s known as one of the hardest areas in the mission. Haha. Woot woot! But we´re picking up some good speed and we´re going to get things going, so I´m still really excited to be here. 

So there isn´t a ward here, it´s a branch of about 45 people that regularly attend. It´s weird to have a small little building that´s like an office building as the church instead of a church building, but it´s kind of fun to have that experience too. From the people that I´ve met here so far, the members are really strong members, as you have to be in Spain, and I´m loving some of them already. It´s not hard to love people during the mission. When they´re the people you´re always around, who are taking care of you and smiling at you, you learn to love them as soon as you can. And the sooner the better.

Well things are good here. I´m loving Hna Muse! I´m really excited to work with her. And hey guess what! I got my package mommy! The day before I left! haha, nice timing huh? Yeah it was about time, but thank you so much! It was such a sweet package! I´m so excited for those books and for all the family history stuff. I was so hoping I would get that story of Lewis Barney, and there it was! But thank you so much! It was so appreciated, by my companion as well, she said to send you a big thank you for her little bag of goodies as well. I got your letter too, so I think I got everything that was sent there. And here´s my new address so you can send me stuff here in Badajoz too! 

Paige Walton
c/ Antonio Alvarez Nº6, 2-C
06005 Badajoz
España (or Spain, it doesn´t matter)

Well I love you all lots! Hope that everything is well there and that you´re enjoying the snow and cold weather! I´m always praying for you and know that you´re with me always. 

Con Amor, 
Hna Walton

This is a picture we took at a member´s house in Murcia the sunday before we left Murcia. It´s me and elders Adamsom and Johnson.
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