Monday, March 10, 2014

Three weeks til HUMP day!  woot woot

Hello Family and Friends!
I hope all is going well back home. Things are ok here. It´s slow here again. We had a few really good weeks with a lot of good work and some potential that we could see in the people we were teaching. Things have changes a little bit now. We lost our baptismal date. So there´s the 4th one we´ve had since I´ve been here, gone. And he´s dropped us all together. We thought he was absolutely solid, but yeah. I guess not.
Honestly there´s not a whole lot to report this week. I´m not really even sure what to tell you. We did  take part a little bit in the carnaval festivals. We had an invitation from our branch president and his family to go out and eat with them. So tuesday we went to a part of town called San Roque and we got barbacoa (BBQ). It was pretty good. Ya know, just a whole bunch of meet! Haha. So that was fun.
We are finally getting into spring though! It´s kind of funny because all of the spanish people are still wearing like their pants and their jackets and scarves, and we´re just out walking around in skirts and short sleeve shirts. Haha, we actually had a lady come and stop us in the street to ask us why we weren´t wearing something warmer. Haha, the crazy elderly population of spain. Love them to death.
Friday we went to Sevilla for zone conference. Hna Muse and I had to give a taller this time. So we talked on hope. Haha, oh man, we needed that more than anyone else did. We used chuches (spanish candy) so of course people enjoyed it. But yeah, it went really well.
Let´s see. I guess there is something exciting going on here. Our branch has applied to become a ward! I still think they´re a little small to function well as a ward, but that would be so cool to be here when that change happened! I would love to see that happen for them! They still have a little growing to do before I feel like they could be a solid ward, but I´m really excited for them and that they´re close enough that they can see it!
Well, that´s about all the news that I have for you this week. Sorry it´s nothing too exciting. Things are still good. We´re working hard and are going to keep trying harder and harder to find more people to teach. And thank goodness the branch members are working with us a little more, but we´ve still got a lot of work to do here. It´s kind of weird that I´ve only got 3 more weeks with Hna Muse and then I´ll be in charge with another companion. It´ll be weird to say goodbye to her. Thank goodness I don´t have to do it yet.

Hey you want to know something else weird that happens in 3 weeks? I hit my halfway mark in 3 weeks! Oh my gosh! That´s the weirdest thing to me! Man. It will never cease to amaze me how fast the time flies when you are in the mission. I still feel like this little greenie who just got out in the field. But man, I´m quickly becoming one of the oldest missionaries in our mission. Weird weird stuff. But at the same time it gives me more motivation to enjoy the little time that I have left. I want to be a missionary who comes home with honor and with a deeper and stronger love for my Savior and for so much more. I can see it coming, but there´s still a ways to go, so I´m so grateful that I have some time left to push myself more and see where I can be.

I love you all! I pray for you everyday and hope that you feel your Savior´s love and my love. Thank you for your examples, for your love and for so so so much more. You´re the best blessing I have! Os amamos con todo que soy. Que tengáis una buenisima semana.
Hermana Walton

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