Friday, May 23, 2014

New area and take note... NEW ADDRESS!!

Cartagena! Week 1!


Paige Walton

May 19 (4 days ago)
to me, Elliot, Tyler, Luke, Whitney
Wow, well, it´s was a full week, full of lots of crazy stories and things like that. But I´m finally here in Cartagena! 

We had a fun pday last week, spending time with our branch president and his family. Then tuesday we had district meeting, but it was kind of more of a farewell party with cookies and signing journals and all that fun stuff. Then we went back home and I spent the rest of the day packing and cleaning and doing everything else we needed to get done before I left.

Wednesday morning we woke up bright and early! I caught my bus to Sevilla at 6:15, got there at about 10. It was nice to get off that bus and think that I never have to take that bus ride again, but man, I really do miss Badajoz. I absolutely love that place! It´s been weird to go from a place where I loved the people so much and we had such a good relation to a place that´s so incredibly different than that. I know it takes time, it took a lot of time for me to love Badajoz, but I really do just miss it there. Anyway, once I got to Sevilla, I had some lonely waiting time until the elders that were traveling with me came. We then hopped on our bus and headed away! We went from Sevilla to Granada, with a little layover there, and then Granada to Murcia. It was kind of fun and stange to be back there for a little bit. I never thought I was coming back to this side of the mission, but apparently the Lord had other plans. Then I bought my bus ticket from there to Cartagena and headed there on my last little leg of a long trip. I got to Cartagena at about 8:30. Then we went to the cburch building for a FHE and that was fun to get to know some of the members right off the bat. 

Then we had weekly planning thursday and then we went to visit a member whose mom was in the hospital, she was like 97 years old or something like that and she wasn´t doing well. So we went to go be with the member, and the mom died when we were there. Oh my gosh! My first real day and we had someone die on us! It was crazy! But I think it was a good thing we were there for her so she didn´t have to deal with it alone. It made me so grateful to have a knowledge of the gospel and to know that it´s not the end.

Friday wehad a huge talent show with all 3 of the Cartagena wards and it was way cool! I loved it! We also had a cita with an investigator name Alícia and she´s awesome! I´m really excited about her! She´s younger and is Spanish and she´s just great! I´m hoping we´re going to be able to work with her for a while longer because I loved teaching her. 

Saturday we had kind of an average day, lots of citas failed us and we didn´t end up with too many exciting things that day.

Sunday we had church! It was nice to be in a real church building again, but the ward we´re in is still about the same size as the branch in Badajoz. So although I may be in a ward, it still doesn´t feel like it, which I´m actually ok with. I really liked being in a branch. Then we went home for medio día and then we had a cita that night with a man named Samuel who had a fecha. I say had because we walked in, he was very excited to say a prayer so he prayed, and then he told us that he didn´t want to get baptized anymore. He told us that he had already been baptized and that he felt like he would be playing a game with God if he got baptized again. He just didn´t get it. We tried to explain everything to him, but he was having nothing of it. We´ll see if we ever see him again. But then we went to a member´s house. It´s a family from Ghana and I love them already! We went to their house and ate with them that night and then headed home.

Today we had a fun pday. We went to a country club like thing and hung out with our zone and had a mini birthday party for 2 of the missionaries that had birthdays last week. Then the elders played fútbol and we had a fun time! Crazy thing though! President Deere called us and we are being taken out of our trio. Hna Samuelson is going to Málaga tomorrow morning. We don´t know why, we think it might be an emergency transfer, but we´re not sure. I´ll miss her for sure! I know we weren´t together for very long but I love her already! It´ll be nice to be just me and my comp again, but there were definitely some positives to being in a trio. Welp, at least we´ll have more space in our piso now! And it was fun while it lasted. 

Well, that´s about all I really have to tell you this week. Oh! And my new address! For any future sending purposes here you go!

Hermana Paige Walton
c/ San Pedro de Pinatar Nº4, 5ºA
Cartagena, Murcia 30203

Well I love you all a bunch! Have such a good week! Love you! Send me some letters! Haha, but really...

Love you!

Hermana Walton

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