Thursday, June 12, 2014

Summer is starting in Cartagena...

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Paige Walton

Jun 9 (3 days ago)
to me, Elliot, Tyler, Luke, Whitney
Hey there Fam! How´re things going at home? I hope everything is well and more relaxing now that summer has started. Then again with baseball, it may take a little bit longer to get to the relaxing part of the summer. No, we all love you baseball games, Elliot. Don´t worry.

Well let´s see! This week we started teaching a less active member. His name is Francis. His wife is also a less active member named Lydia that we´ve been teaching for a while. They´re from Ghana and I love them to death! We had a really cool lesson with them last Monday and felt the spirit really strong with them. Then we went back later in the week and we had a short lesson with them. But at the end Francis told that he had an african gift for us, but we had to promise to take it. So we closed our eyes wondering what in the world he was going to give us. Then he gave us legit african braclets! They´re so cool! He´s an awesome guy. It made both of our days. 

We also finally got back in touch with a recent convert this week. Which was nice. We´ll see how it goes with him. He travels a lot and is hard to get a hold of, but we´re going to keep trying. 

We had zone conference this week. And it was so nice just to be able to walk outside and have a 2 minute walk to the capilla and be there. A big change from the 4 hours of traveling that we had to do in Badajoz. 

We taught a lesson this week to a man named Cali, too. He´s way cool! He´s part Jamaican, and African. But he´s way cool! He invited us to come back sometime and he told us he´d make Jamaican food and African food for us. YUM!!! It was a really good lesson! Too bad he doesn´t live in our area so we have to give him over to the elders, but that´s ok. We all work as a team here. 

Anyway, so this week we´ve been having a lot of visitors in our piso. Some lovely cockroaches have decided to come in this week. I think we´ve had 3 or 4. They´re pretty nasty! Luckily we can just flip them on their backs and leave them there until they die. Then we get rid of them. haha, yeah it may sound terrible, but that´s what we´ve found that works best. I do have to admit though that I´ve thought a few times about your Tahiti stories, Dad. I don´t know if lighting Raid to kill them works in pisos, but maybe if the proble, gets too bad. But come on! We live on the 5th floor! What cockroach wants to climb all the way up there?

Anyway, it´s been a little slower of a week again, but we´re doing well. Summer is coming and we´re getting the heat started, but it´s still not too bad yet. Well I love you all! I hope you have an awesome week and that everything goes well!

Hermana Walton 

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