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Paige Walton

Jun 23
to me, Tyler, Elliot, Luke, Whitney
Welp! It happened! I turned 20! Haha, no going back to the teenage years now. But hey, maybe that´s for the better.
Anyway, let´s see. This week was a good week! We had a fun district meeting and then ate together after. One of the elders made us all paella and we all shared the huge pan of paella, eating it family style like the classy missionaries that we are! Haha, no but it was really fun.
Honestly I kind of don´t remember what we did this week, so I´ll try to do my best to remember, but I´m not promising anything. Let´s see, on Wednesday night we had FHE with the ward and my comp and I had the message. We used a fun game where you have a volunteer put a lot of clothing on and then they sit down under a blanket. They have to imagine that they are in a dessert and they can´t find their way out. They obviously start getting really hot and little by little you allow them to take things off. The game ends when they think to take the blanket off, but that usually happens after taking almost everything else off. We related that to the things we have in our lives, the problems and things that we try to look for solutions for. Sometime we just don´t think to take the blanket off. The biggest and most obvious thing is usually the thing that will bring us relief. These things are the little things that we are supposed to do every day like reading and praying and going to church. We sometimes forget just how important those things are, but we need to keep doing them!
Then on friday it was my birthday! Haha, in case you didn´t know, and we did weekly planning for the morning and then we went to the piso of the other hermanas and we made food and then watched a movie and had fun! then we went on splits for the afternoon. I was with hermana Birnbaumer. She´s from Bolivia and she´s so cute! We had fun together, and even though all our citas failed us and we ended up just walking around and knocking doors and contacting, we still had fun.
My comp was so cute to me for my birthday too. We made rootbeer floats thursday night and then she made me crepes for breakfast on friday. She´s the sweetest! 
Then we had church yesterday and we picked up a new investigator named José. He´s got potential. We´ll see how it goes. As for other investigators, we have some really promising futures that we found this week and we´re hoping that we can get in contact with them and have some good citas this week so we´re excited about that!
We had a competition between the missionaries in our district this week as to who could find the most futures with both pone numbers and addresses. No we didn´t win, but it definitely helped push us to start contacting more in the streets. We found some really good people and it´s nice to finally start to feel like something might happen here. We´re in great need of new investigators as we´ve dropped almost all of the ones we had. Anyway, it was a really good way to get us going again.
Well I can´t really remember anything else that happened this week. Oh, this week is transfers and not much is changing. My comp and I are staying the same, but my old district leader in Badajoz my first transfer there will be coming here and will be in my same ward so that´ll be fun! Crazy how things move around so much, but you still end up seeing a lot of the same people.
Well, I love you all! Thank you for the birthday wishes and everything that you do for me! I love you and hope you all have a great week! Remember that your Heavenly Father loves you and I do too!
Hermana Walton

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