Monday, October 27, 2014

Last full transfer!  only 61 more days!!!!  Best Christmas present ever!

Happy Halloween!


Paige Walton

5:37 AM (4 hours ago)
to me, Tyler, Elliot, Whitney, Luke
Hey Fam! 

Alright, so first things first. Transfers! Well, Hna Andrus will not be going home like we thought last week, but she will be going to the office to be the first office hermana! Haha, that way she´ll still be able to be here and do things, but will also be able to give her feet some time to heal. 

As for me, I´ll be getting my last companion this week. And I´m getting another native! I´m so excited! Her name is Hna Rocha! I know nothing about I´ll have to tell you all that stuff next week. But I´m really excited about having another native comp. It´ll give me that last chance to get better at spanish! I do know that she´s young in the mission which I´m also excited about. She can give me some more animo to keep going everyday. So I´m excited about all that.

Well, this week was another piso week. We went to IKEA last week for p-day! Such a cool place! Who would´ve thought that my first time there would be in Spain? But we picked up all the magazines we could as we walked through and designed our dream houses this week. Haha, yeah...that´s how bored we got. But that´s ok.

We also got to go to Fuengirola on Saturday. That´s where the mission home is. We went so that Hna Andrus could talk to President about all the feet stuff. Haha, it was really fun to see them though and talk to President and Hna Deere. They are so great! I just love them! 

We also had a ward activity this week. It was an activity about all the countries we are from. So people made food from their countries and did cultural things representing their country. We made brownies and the other elders did ice cream cake and then all the missionaries got up and we sang the national anthem. Haha it was pretty funny and we had a good time. 

Well, it´s going to be an interesting week. I´m super excited to have a new companion, but I´m also a little nervous to have hna Andrus leave. It´ll kind of be like starting from scratch for me. I don´t know the area that well, We don´t really have much work, and I don´t know the members that well either. So it´s kind of going to be like an easier version of opening up an area, but hey, if the Lord thinks I can handle it, then I´m sure things will go just fine. It´ll be like my last little challenge, so here we go! Pray for me! Haha.

Well I love you all so much! Have the best week! Happy Halloween! And happy birthday, Daddy! Love you!

Hna Walton

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