Monday, November 3, 2014

We got to Skype at 4:00 am this morning!!!  Such an unexpected treat!  (no subject)


Paige Walton

5:44 AM (9 hours ago)
to me, Tyler, Elliot, Whitney, Luke
Hey y´all! 

So that was kind of a fun little surprise to be able to skype with you this morning! Sorry about all the BYU crap, but it was fun to be able to see your beautiful faces, well as beautiful as we all get that early in the morning...sorry again! 

Anyway. It´s been a good week! We played softball last pday as a zone and had hotdogs and potato salad and all those good american things! Sadly, my comp ended up getting a virus and was home sick monday night and all of tuesday with the stomach flu...haha. Oh boy. But she´s good now. 

Then we had transfers on wednesday. We went and dropped off Hna Andrus to catch her train and then I went and picked up my new comp. She´s so cute! She´s from Peru but she lives in Tarragona, a city on the northern coast of Spain. She´s been out 6 months now and she´s awesome! I´m really excited to be able to work with her. 

So on Wednesday we had a really cool miracle at english class. We only had one student this week. Her name is Maria and she´s Brazilian. Anyway, we started class and all the sudden she asked us a question about the church. Happy to oblidge, we jumped into a religious conversation which became a lesson and now she´s an investigator! She doesn´t have a lot of time, so it´s really hard to see her, but she´s great and so in need of the gospel in her life. She´s also so prepared. So we´re really excited about that. 

Thursday we did our favorite thing...weekly planning...and then we had a cita with the Patar family. And they found out that the paper they´ve been waiting for to get married, they don´t need it anymore! So they have a cita with the govenmental people at the beginning of December to get things going to get married! We´re so excited for them! 

Friday we found another new investigator! She used to talk to the missionaries, but then they stopped going. But she´s super cool, too. Her name is Carmen and she´s from Paraguay. She´s pregnant (about  7 months along) and was kind of sick the day we saw her so we didn´t stay for very long, but we´re hoping to get back in there this week. She´s really sweet and it´s definitely good timing to get back in there and have her talk to the missionaries again. 

Later that day we went to a primary activity and helped out a little there for Halloween. comp got sick! Haha, yep, that´s right. Haha, she´s fine now and says it´s something that happens whenever she changes areas, but it was just slightly ironic to me. Haha. But that´s ok. Things are going well now. 

Anyway...that´s my week for ya! I hope you all have a great week and know how much I love you! Thanks for all you do for the missionaries there are keep going with sharing the gospel! I love you all!

Hna Walton

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