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Paige Walton

Aug 4 (4 days ago)
to me, Tyler, Elliot, Luke, Whitney
Inline image 2Buenas! 

i hope everything is going well at home. you´re going to have to excuse the terrible punctuation of this email as the button to make the letters uppercase (yes, it took me about 5 minutes after writing that to remember it´s called the shift button) doesn´t work, so sorry.

well, not too much to talk about this week. we are still working hard with xiomara, our 18 year old less active that i just love with my whole heart! i really do feel that i was here to find her. she´s progressing well and has come to church the last 2 weeks now, which means we need one more and then get her a calling and she will officially be rescued! 

we´re also working with some other menos activos, especially lydia. she´s from ghana and she´s so funny! i love her to death! she´s doing better health wise and has been better about coming to church. so we´re grateful for her progression as well. 

oh so we got transfer calls friday night and hna daines will be leaving to elche with another companion and hna flake to learn that area and take over when hna flake goes home in a few weeks. and i am getting hna rindlisbacher! i love her to death! she was in cáceres when i was in badajoz and so we were in the same district and i just love her a whole bunch! i´m so so so excited! it´s kind of strange though because she only has 2 more transfers before she goes home which means we´ll probably only be together for one transfer so she can teach someone new the area before she leaves, and in 6 weeks i´ll be heading off to the last area of my mission. WHAT!!!!! yes, that´s strange. 

anyway, i just love you all so much. i hope things are going ok at home and that spirits are staying high. know how much i love you all and how much your savior loves you, too. if there´s anything i´ve learned in my time as a missionary it´s the love of our savior and the joy of the gospel. of course, life is not perfect, but there is no better way to live. our heavenly father loves us so incredibly much! there is no way that i can believe he doesn´t exist or that he isn´t in everything that happens in our lives. when the hard things come the only way through it is patience and the love of god. there´s no other way. we can try to suffer by ourselves, but there´s no point, he´s waiting there for us, he loves us, more than you can even understand. i feel just a small portion of that infinite love for each of you, and i love you all so incredibly much, so i can´t even imagine the great love he has for us. allow yourself to feel it. don´t suffer longer than you need to.  

i love you all! have a great week! talk to you next week!

hna walton

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