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Paige Walton

Dec 1
to me, Tyler, Elliot, Luke, Whitney
Happy Thanksgiving! 

Yeah I know it´s a few days late, but that´s ok. So first off I just want to thank my awesome family for all the sweet emails and pictures that were sent. I LOVED opening my inbox to see all those emails. It really did just make my day, so thank you for those. 

Well last week we had one of the best pdays ever! It was so much fun! We rented bikes and rode along the coast . It was the best weather and so pretty! Our area of Málaga really isn´t an attractive part, so it was really nice to see the beach and the center and all the beauty that Málaga has to offer. It really is a beautiful city. Then we had a noche de hogar with the Patar family. And we´re working so hard on their papers to get them married. We think we got it figured out, we´ve just got to get them to Sevilla so that they can do what they need to do and be done with it. But we´re getting closer and closer. 

Thursday we had a fun thanksgiving feast with all the missionaries in Málaga. We made mashed potatoes and it was so much fun! Lots of fun missionaries and lots of good food. Then we spent all day on Friday cooking another thanksgiving dinner and setting up and cleaning for our ward activity. It turned out pretty well. All the food was gone, so that´s always a good sign. There were about 50 of us and it was a nice turn out. We did both burn ourselves though. Haha, it was pretty sad, but we´re ok and nothing has to be taken off, so I think we´ll live. No it really wasn´t that bad.

Saturday we headed out to Torremolinos (a little pueblo) and ate with our ward mission leader and his wife and grandson. He´s a really good man. He´s from Argentina and has the coolest conversion story that I´ll have to tell you all one day. But we´re so grateful that he knows what he´s doing in the work and has such a desire to grow the work here. Later that night we had a really cool lesson with a menos activo named Michael. He´s Nigerian so we taught, excuse me, I taught, in english. Haha, that was kind of weird. My comp didn´t want to talk in english, so she spoke a little in spanish and then I filled in the gaps that he didn´t understand and kept going. But it was a really powerful lesson it was so nice to actually see him be effected by a lesson. He´s a good guy, he just has to do something with the testimony that he has. 

Sunday was church as usual. We had an investigator there that we´ve been fighting to get to church for a while now. Sadly it didn´t go so well. But hopefully she´ll come again and it can be a different experience. Oh how I hope for that. Later that night we had ward council.

Well, it wasn´t an extremely exciting week, but it for sure was a week full of rain and wind! Oh! And they turned the christmas lights on! So I´m pretty excited about that. I just love christmas with my whole heart. And I´m also excited for what this christmas will bring. The best gift of being home with my family. I´m so excited to see you all! Just a few weeks away. Don´t worry, of course I have my trunky moments, but I´m still working hard. 

I love you all so much! Thanks for keeping me updated and I so hope that things go well today at the funeral. Tell everyone hello for me. Love you! Talk to you next week.

Hna Walton

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