Friday, August 16, 2013

August 15, 2013

Wow I can´t believe that after this weekend I only have 2 weeks left in the MTC. We leave on tuesday morning on the 3rd of september which is crazy. Time is definitely starting to fly by now which is a fun feeling. Let´s see...what´s happened this week? Well last week for p-day we went and took a tour of the REAL Madrid fútbol stadium which was pretty cool. Spain has such a passion for fútbol and it´s cool to be able to experience that. We got to go down on the edge of the field and see the locker rooms and the trophy halls (yes, they have more than one) and it was cool to feel that passion for the game even though I´ve never really had a passion for soccer.
On friday we taught our first set of fake investigators for the last time and one of the teachers we taught, who I absolutely adore, told hermana swenson and I that she honestly believes that we are here only to learn spanish, she told us that we are ready to teach and that we will be awesome missionaries. That would have been enough for me! But then yesterday after a lesson we taught to one of our new investigators, she told the 3 of us that in her 6 months here at the MTC, she´s never felt anything so strongly and that no matter what anyone tries to tell us, we are amazing teachers and we will do great things. That was so cool to hear! Both of those teachers are teachers that I love and look up to and that I appreciate so much in my life. It´s always nice to hear that you´re doing well too, it was just good to know that I was doing well in the thing that I´ve chosen to do.
That´s so cool that you got to watch the youtube video of us! Sorry the music was in the way, but I sent you a letter a while ago, hopefully you get it soon (and I´m sending new ones here soon too whenever I can find some downtime to write them haha) and it has some blogs on the back of it for the mtc presidency and they should have some pictures and videos and stuff like that. We sing every sunday which is fun! Sundays are great! Thursday (p-day), saturday (park day), and sunday are my favorite days. It´s nice to get out of the normal routine of classes forever and do something different and fun.
Spanish is slowly coming. I´ve caught myself a few times saying things and then after not really being sure how I said them. The gift of tongues is real. I wish it would work a little faster sometimes, but it definitely works! They just throw so much information at you all at the same time and with hardly any study time and no reviews of what you´ve learned, it´s hard sometimes, but I´m sure it´ll be just fine. I´m excited for 6 or 7 or however many months later that I can finally speak fluently and be able to speak to people.
So we were really in a funny mood one day at lunch and we all started sharing our weird talents. Hermana Swenson can make a noise like a weed wacker and there´s an Elder who can make smoke come out of his mouth. Dad,  I stole your talent and showed everyone how to be a human bag-pipe. They all enjoyed that quite a bit. It was pretty fun.
So Whitney had mentioned the new temple video, they aren´t taking it internationally for a year because they haven´t translated it into other languages yet. Yes, we get to watch it in English, but there are headphones that they give to other people who want different languages and they don´t have the translations for them, so since I won´t be going to the temple once I get out in the field, I won´t see it until I get home. Which means the day after I get home, we´re going to the temple, that´s my request. Thanks!
I´m not sure what else to tell you right now, but I´ll hopefully have some more time later to write and if I think of anything else then I´ll send another email. I love you all and miss you a whole bunch! But I hope you´re feeling the blessings from the sacrifice you guys are making as well. Please write letter! They are so fun to get! Love you love you love you love you!
Hermana Walton

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