Thursday, August 29, 2013

August 29,2013  Paige will be transferred to the mission field in Malaga next Tues.  Keep her in your prayers!

Hola Familia!
So I´m not really sure what to write about this week. Haha. Things have become rather routine and frankly kind of uneventful here at the MTC. So let´s see if I can come up with some good stories so it´s not a totally boring email. we had pizza for lunch on friday. Hahaha oh gosh I can´t believe that that´s the story that I´m starting this email out with. But yeah, they have domino´s pizza here and so they bought so so so many pizzas for all of us and we ate pizza like we had never seen pizza before. We all left that meal like bloated and about to burst open. haha.
Saturday was interesting this week. As always we went to the park, but I had a native Spanish speaking companion that didn´t speak any English so that was interesting. And I didn´t realize how much Spanish I don´t know. I definitely have learned a lot and it is coming, slowly, but it´s hard to feel like you have no idea what people are saying and you can only catch the jist of what they´re trying to say. But I´m excited to be bi-lingual someday so that´ll be nice, and it´s hard, but this is the fastest way to learn so I guess I´d better be grateful right? Anyway, at the park there was lots of rejection and it was a little frustrating, but my companion and I kept each other’s spirits up as much as we could.
We did find this one couple to talk to though. At first we started walking toward them and they were making out and so I tried to avoid them, but my companion was like, ´´Hermana! We need to talk to them!´´ and so I said ok and we went for it. We of course started speaking to them in Spanish and I was trying to say something and it wasn´t coming out and then all the sudden they say ´´ we can speak in English if that´s easier for you´´ which obviously it was and so I got to talk to them for a while and share some thoughts and my testimony with them. The man was atheist and I have never seen a more accepting atheist than this man. We talked for a while and I gave them a restoration pamphlet and he said he would read it. He said he wouldn´t make any promises, but as a missionary I could (which is so much fun) and I promised him that if he prayed, he would know that God was there and he would know the truth of our message. I don´t know what happened, but I sure hope that something comes of this.
Just so you know, missionaries get the coolest devotionals! We´ve watched some of the most profound teachings of apostles that I´ve ever seen. I´m sad that you guys don´t get to see them, but I´ll share notes from them when I get home because they are so worth hearing.
So we learned about the Spanish holiday season yesterday in class and I am so so excited for it! I´ll tell you more about it when I actually get to experience it, but there´s something about Christmas in general, and then experiencing it in another culture that´s just so fun.  They don´t do house lights here but they string lights across all the streets so they are just everywhere. And they eat this chocolate called turrón (don´t worry I´ll send you some when it comes to that time of year) that has all this amazing stuff in it. They have some weird traditions too, but mostly just some fun ones. I don´t have a lot of time left so I´ll have to tell you about them later.
Anyway, that´s all the time I have for today. I love you all and hope you know the testimony that I have of this gospel. I know which all my heart that this is the truth. Everything I care about in my life comes from this gospel and I´m so grateful for that. Being on a mission has made me appreciate so many more things that I have in my life, most importantly my eternal family. I cannot imagine life without those I hold most dear in the world to come. I´m so grateful for the gift of families. I love you all and I´m sending my SD card home as soon as I can, but I don´t know exactly when that will be. I´ll let you know when I´ve sent it so you can keep an eye out for it and get some fun pictures. I love you! I pray for you and feel you around me always! Thank you for your love and prayers!
Hermana Walton

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