Thursday, August 1, 2013

August 1, 2013:  Heard from her this morning.  Looks like emails will come in around 4:30 a.m.  Yikes!  She sounds good!

Hello My family!
I love you all so much. I wanted you to know that first. Alright, so I just want to say how much I love the temple! We just got out of another temple session a little while ago. It has brought so much peace to me and I´m so grateful for the opportunity that I have to go to the temple. Last week, I was feeling pretty sick before we went to the temple and I wasn´t sure that I was feeling up to it, but I decided that skipping it was not an option. When the time came to head over, I still wasn´t feeling great, but as soon as we started walking towards the temple, it was completely gone which was such a blessing because going to the temple was exactly what I needed that day, and today as well.
So let´s see...we definitely are keeping very busy and we do a lot of teaching and a lot of learning. We have grammer and gospel classes everyday and we have 2 investigators that are really our teachers but we teach them everyday. One of our investigators we are finally starting to progress with, and the other one we have already committed to baptism! Yes, I know it´s not real, but it was still really fun to have her say yes! As for spanish, wow. It´s definitely more difficult than I thought it would be. Maybe it´s just because I feel like I´ve already been here for like 3 months, but it´s only been a week, but I feel like my spanish isn´t where I want it to be, but I think I´m doing pretty well for only being here a week.
I love my companion and the girls I room with. There are 5 hermanas in my room, Hermanas Gillete (the one from PC), Green, Carter, and Scoville. They are all so sweet and loving and they are such a comfort to me. My companion and I have to live across from each other because there are too many sisters to have us in the same room. When we got here we had just over 80 missionaries with us and we just got some new missionaries from provo who got their visas approved finally and so now we have I think 92 missionaries in an MTC that only houses 72 missionaries, so they´ve moved some of the missionaries off campus to a hotel.
Saturday was interesting, we went to a huge park, like probably 3 square miles all covered with trees, it´s gorgeous! There we exchanged companions and went tracting. No one would talk to me and my companion which was hard. It´s hard to hear people turn down a message that they have no idea what it was. We could barely ever get past telling them we were missionaries before they sent us away, so I guess we´ll have to try a different approach next time.
Sunday was great, devotionals all day and church, and we got to sing on the temple steps which was cool, lots of people around came to listen and the missionaries currently serving in Madrid came to reap the benefits.
I won´t be able to send any pictures while I´m in the MTC by the way. Apparently because of viruses, they won´t let us plug in our cameras, but I promise I´ll get you some soon.
Well I don´t have much time today, I hopefully will get a little more time later in the day, but for now I have to go.
I love you all and amd praying for you everyday!
Hermana Walton


  1. So fun to hear from her! But sad to hear that she wasn't feeling well. Miss her so much!

  2. This is awesome to read. I am looking forward to keeping in touch and supporting her from back here in Park City. <3