Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Here is Paige's (ahem) Hermana Walton's latest email...enjoy! 
Hola Sweet Family!
Man how I love and miss you all. So an interesting experience that I had this week, there was some unneeded drama with a companionship in our district that wasn´t working and the sister requested to be switched, I won´t give you all the gory details, but it was not a happy monday. Anyway one of the girls got put in a 3-some with hermana swenson and me. They wanted to switch all of our rooms around and make some big changes to accomidate this companion change, and it was a whole big mess. Anyway, yesterday was moving day to switch rooms and I really just wasn´t feeling it. I was kind of at the end of my rope and just didn´t want to do any of it, but the one thing that I really didn´t want to do and had prayed that I wouldn´t have to do was to move rooms. I needed those girls that I room with, they´ve gotten me throught so much and I honestly thought it would make things worse for me to move rooms. So yesterday, when I couldn´t do it anymore, my sweet companion hermana swenson came into my room and said, we worked it all out, you don´t have to switch rooms! And i´m sure she could tell that I didn´t want to move, but I don´t think she knew how much. It was such a testimony to me that Christ will be there for us, and even though sometimes he may make us wait until we´ve done all we can on our own, he will be there to help us and to bouy us up. My new companion is hermana hubbard, she´s really sweet and I´m excited to get to know her more.
Ok so at the park this week I had a super cool experience with one of the people we talked to. Well first of all, we placed 3 book of mormons and had some awesome contact which was way cool! But there was one guys from Syria who converted himself to christianity because the qorahn (is that how you spell it?) talks more of Christ than of ala apparently so he decided to become a christian which was way cool. It was nice to finally have some success and be able to feel like I was really doing something.
Last week for p-day we went to the puerta del sol and the plaza mayor and other really cool sites in downtown Madrid. It was so nice to actually see the city and to not feel so confined in my little MTC bubble. Today we are going to the REAL Madrid soccer stadium which will be really cool! I so wish I could send you pictures of what all of thest things look like, but you´ll get them eventually.
There are some more stories in your letter mom and on the postcard that I sent home on Monday so you should be getting that soon hopefully.
I met the Orr´s cousin (Elder Orr) he´s such a cool guy! I like him a lot. There are so many other cool people here too! I met one of Claire´s friends from the U who she used to dance with, she´s way sweet. And I don´t know if you heard about the train accident in Madrid a little while ago, but the Elder from Utah that survived was here for a while recovering. He went home this week because he was losing feeling in his hands, which obviously is not a good thing if you have a neck injury, but he hope he´ll be ok.
So for those of you reading this who are planning to serve missions in the future, here´s some advice. Push yourself to do something new and strange more often! Going on a mission seems like it´ll be mostly good, and it is, but there are a lot of hard things too that you don´t understand until you get out here. So try to get out of your comfort zone and do things that scare you, I really wish I would´ve done that more. And make up your mind before you go on whether or not the hard times will bring you home or not. No matter what kind of missionary you are, there will be hard trials that will make you want to go home, but making up your mind and having a strong relationship with your companion will make it easier to chose to stay, and please chose to stay!
The temple here is just the best! Honestly I can´t say enough good things about it! When I am struggling, it brings me the peace that I need to be able to keep going, it´ll be hard to leave the temple behind once I leave the MTC.
Thank you all for your sweet prayers and for your thoughts of me. Knowing I have people at home rooting and cheering for me makes things just a little more easy. I love you all and I hope you all know of the testimony that I have of this gospel! The gospel is the only way to happiness and is the only way to ensure that our families are together forever, which I am so grateful for, that´s the best gift my heavenly father could give me.
Hermana Walton

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