Monday, September 23, 2013

Things are clicking along...  Two months tomorrow!


So guess what...tomorrow is 2 MONTHS!!!! Can you belive that? Ok well I kind of feel like I´ve been here forever, but at the same time I feel like it´s gone by so fast. It´s a good feeling though, knowing that time is going by and that I have a good chunk of time under my belt now. Well kind of. Haha (funny thing, in spanish it´s jaja, weird huh?) So let´s see, what to tell you about this week? Oh! First off, every single person in the entire world needs to watch the "Hastening the Work of Salvation" missionary work broadcast from a few months ago. I finally watched it and it is absolutely amazing! And so true. As a missionary, my purpose it to teach lessons and bring people to the gospel. As memebers, our purpose is to find people for the missionaries to teach, to fellowship them and to welcome them and love them, to honestly be their friends, because if not, then our converts will become nothing more than less active members. So as a missionary, I plead with you all to help in the missionary work. I think sometimes too much emphasis is put on just being a good example to those around us. And while this is such an important thing to do, it´s not always enough. Don´t be afraid to invite people to dinner with the missionaries, or to an activity. And keep asking! They may not say yes the first time, but most people need more than just one invitation. Elder Anderson made a promise that if we pray to know who we can share the gospel with, names and faces of people we know will come to our minds. So take him up on his challenge, and then do something about it! I promise it´ll feel so good! And you´ll never regret doing it. Plus the missionaries will love you forever, haha.

So remember that lady that I told you about last week that we met in the park when we were out with the members? Her name is Lorena and we got to teach her on saturday and she is the sweetest! She´s so prepared! I love her so much and I´m so excited to see where things go with her. We gave her the soft "when you know these things are true will you get baptized" invitation and she said yes, so now we just have to get her to know that it´s true and I´ll have my first BAPTISM!!!! Haha, oh man I´m so excited! I just love her. 

So some fun things about Spain:
-they grafiti EVERYTHING!! like the church buildings are the only thing that doesn´t have grafiti all over the side of it
-they have these things called kebab (pronounced k-bob) which is basically like a spanish version of a gyro and they are so good! man i could eat those things every day
-they also do the whole churros and chocolate thing...mmmm
-this country is filled with crazy catholics! haha sad but true, they just finished a festival (a 2 week long festival) about the virgin mary and how she apparently appeared here in spain. the festival ends when "the virgin" goes back up the mountain. it´s a little strange. man, european catholic traditions...i just can´t explain it

Well honestly, I´m not really sure what else to tell you. Things are going well here. It´s getting easier and easier every day and I can feel this little bit of love for the work starting to grow inside me. I love my chappa (nametag) and am so sad for the day I will have to take it off, don´t be surprised if I wear it around the house still when I get home, or carry it with me everywhere I go.  It´s become a part of my every day outfit and I just love it! 

We do have some good investigators, and hopefully we´ll set some more fechas (baptismal dates) with more than just Lorena soon. Some people are willing to listen but aren´t willing to do anything to change anything, but others are ready to accept the gospel too. We just have to find them. 

Well I love you all and am so grateful for the blessing you are to me! I am doing well, but still miss you all, but just because I love you so much! Thank you for your love and support, prayers and good wishes. You mean the world to me and I am so grateful that I get to be with you forever!

Hermana Walton

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  1. How do I get her to bring back churros and chocolate for ME? :)