Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4, 2013's a better week!

Hola Querido Familia Walton!

Entonces, este semana fue un poco dificil y el mismo tiempo eran tiempos muy buenos. Como viernes. Fuimos a la casa de un miembro de nuestro barrio por un noche de hogar. Ella se llama Paula y su marido se llama Enrique. Alright I´m done with spanish...haha. Basically, we went to the house of a member last week. There names are Paula and Enrique. They´re basically my favorite. I don´t know if you remeber the lady that I talked about that I met in the temple when I was in the MTC, but this is her and her husband. She´s one of the sweetest ladies in the world! We went to their house for family home evening and we had fun and watched a little video and chatted for a little while, and then she wanted to make rice krispy treats! No, they don´t have them here in spain, but she heard about them and wanted to make them, so she found the recipe and we decided to make them! They were so good! Little piece of america, haha. Basically that was my favorite night of the week though. She just is so sweet, she´s like a grandma, but younger, and she just loves us so much, and I just love her. I hope you get to meet her one day! 

So Halloween here is basically the same as in the US to be honest. Obviously we weren´t home for that so I don´t know how that works with them knocking doors and stuff like that, but they get all dressed up and go trick or treating and all that fun stuff. The day after is dia de los muertos (day of the dead) which is basically like our memorial day where they go to the cemetary and honor their dead. 

So the work is pretty slow here right now. Still nothing is moving forward. The elders in the other ward had a baptism on saturday and I guess we helped with that, so dad, I got like half a baptism, but it didn´t count for our numbers, haha. So she lives in our area and in our ward, but she started receiving the lessons from the elders when she lived in their area and she got baptized in their ward because of some family stuff. It´s a long story, but we did go visit her a few times and taught her and she´s super sweet! I love her! Her name is Jesica and she has 2 little kids that are super cute too. 

Well things are going a little better with the whole companion situation. We had a good talk and at least aren´t going to kill each other anymore. It´s not perfect, nor do I think it ever will be, but we´re going to try to not get so frustrated with each other. I´m still hoping this will only be one transfer, but at least this will make the rest of the transfer a little bit easier, I hope. Haha.

Well I hope all is going well at home. I love you all lots, more than you know. I´m incredibly grateful for the eternal family that I have. I couldn´t ask for better people to have by my side for the rest of forever. I love you and will talk to you next week! 

Hermana Walton

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