Monday, November 18, 2013

November 18, 2013:  Hitting the 4 month mark this week! 


So in case you didn´t know, I will hit 4 months on Sunday! How crazy is that!!!! Man, sometimes it feels like it´s been a lifetime and sometimes it feels like it was only yesterday that I was in the MTC. And this week is my last week of training and then I´ll just be a normal little missionary. Haha. That´ll be nice to not have to be in training, but there are also some downsides too, like we have to leave piso earlier during medio dia and there´s nothing to do at that time, but that´s ok. I´ll survive. 

Well let´s see. We had exchanges with the sister training leaders this week. That was so much fun! The hermana that came and stayed with me here in Murcia is the best! We had so much fun together, and lots of success too. Well, kinda. We had good lessons. Nothing new or anything like that. But the lessons that we had set up went really well, so that was fun. It wasn´t long enough though. It´s for 24 hours, but it seemed like 3. haha. But it was great.

So fun story. Kind of. Haha. We went out with a memeber last night contacting some references we got from the elders. We went and passed by the house of one man and we were talking about religion and stuff like that and we asked his a question about his life and beliefs, and he told us he´d been in jail for the past 15 years and was released within the past year. It´s kind of interesting. He´s a different kind of guy, but he´s willing to listen to us, so we´ll see how that goes. We have an appointment with him tomorrow, but we´ll definitely be bringing a member with us for that one. Haha. No, don´t worry. He seems like a nice enough guy, just a little different. I´m not nervous about that. 

I am excited for one thing this week! We have a thanksgiving dinner that we´re doing with the Stake President and all the missionaries in our stake! I´m so excited! I don´t even care that we aren´t doing it on the actual holiday! I´m just excited that we get to do something! The stake president here is an awesome guy. We love him. And I´m so thankful that he´s doing this for us. There of course are some things that I will miss from our family traditions, but that´s ok. I can deal with it. And I know you guys are going to have an awesome thanksgiving next week too! Followed by an awesome wedding! AAAAHHHHH!!!!! I´m excited for them! That´ll be so fun! I wish I could be there, but that´s ok. I know it´ll be beautiful whether I´m there or not :). Haha. No, it´ll be fun. And we can photoshop me into some of the pictures later. 

Well I´m not sure what else to tell you for this week, so I´ll end here. But I love you all and am so grateful for the blessing that each and everyone of you is to me. Thanks for being exactly who you are! Enjoy the snow and have the best week!

Hermana Walton

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