Monday, November 4, 2013

October 28, 2013...  My how she is learning!

To those whom I love most in this life:

Well this week has been interesting to say the least. Things haven´t really gotten better in any aspect. With my companion I would say things have gotten worse. We just aren´t getting along. Just a bunch of little things that have all rolled up into one big thing that hasn´t done anything good for us, but I have no idea how to get rid of it. We also haven´t had much success this week. No good news yet from our failed baptisms. There´s no way it´s going to pull through for this saturday, sorry daddy to get your hopes up. I wish it was different news, but it´s not. 

We did get one new investigator this week though. Her name is Pilar. She´s a friend of our bishop´s wife and has been "investigating" for a while, but she´s in the midst of seperating from her husband so she´s finally at a point where she really feels like she wants this in her life. I think it´ll be really good for her! She´s awesome, spanish, has 2 kids, and is probably in her late 40s early 50s. We´ll see where it goes with her. We just started teaching her so I don´t have a ton to say about her, but I think she could make some really good progress.

We also had a Cosecha (harvest) on saturday in Cartegena which is another big city that is about an hour away from us. Basically what we did was had all the missionaries from our stake go out and contact and try and help the missionaries there to find some new investigators that they can teach. We did find one future for them, so hopefully something can come of that. We´ll see. It wasn´t a very good day (you can ask mom for some more details if you want), but I did have the saving grace of seeing Hna Flake and her companion Hna Bangeter (who I was also in the MTC with and who I love to death). Honestly they got me through that day. It was so much fun to see them and to have someone else to talk to and to be able to talk in english again! Haha.

Speaking of which! My spanish is coming along. I´ve definitely still got a ways to go, but I´m starting to feel more comfortable. For the last little while I´ve caught myself translating my thoughts in my head of how I would say that out loud, and sometime even thinking in spanish, which is weird but kind of fun at the same time. I still haven´t had my first dream in spanish yet, but that may also be because I don´t really remember most of my dreams. So that doesn´t help either. Haha. 

Well, I´m praying for the strength to get through this transfer (thank goodness we´re already 2 weeks into it, only 4 more to go) and praying with all of my heart that I will be blessed with a transfer. I don´t know that it will happen, but I would be absolutely exstatic if it did! I love you with all of my heart! I know that you are at home praying for me and working hard in all you do. I pray for you in basically every prayer that I say, even in lessons, and I hope you can feel the blessings from this coming your way as well. Yes, I´m struggling right now, but I promise you that I´m not coming home because of it, and I´ll get through it, as hard as it may be. I love you I love you I love you. 

Good luck with all you have to do this week. 

Hermana Walton

Elder Datwyler, Hna Morris, Bangeter, and me. We all were in the same MTC group, so we all hit our 3 month mark together this last week. PS this is my chapel where I go to church every week, but it´s the back left part of it. 
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