Monday, December 16, 2013


Paige Walton
Dec 9 (7 days ago)
to me, Tyler, Whitney, Elliot, Luke
Feliz Navidad! Feliz Navidad! Feliz Navidad, prospero año y felicidad!

Haha, I think that´s how the song goes. But I can´t believe it´s only 2 weeks away! Man I´m so excited! It´s going to be so nice to see all your smiling faces and hear your voices again. So I´m trying to remember what happened this week. Oh! Fun story! So there was a member who lives alone that needed some help this week so we went with her to the doctor´s office and then took her grocery shopping (it actually kind of reminds me of helping out grammy now that I think of it). We were then taking her back to her house and there had been this guy that was following us around for a solid half hour - 45 minutes from store to store. I didn´t really think much of it. But when we got ready to go into her house he stopped me and gave me a piece of paper that was all folded up and then left. The member we were with kind of freaked out and was not very nice to him, I don´t think she understood what was going on. I felt kind of bad for him, but that´s ok. And then she threw the paper on the ground and took us inside. I was a little curious after that as to what it was and we stopped to look at the paper to see what it was on the way out. The guy had given me his number and asked me to call him. Haha. Oh man. Interesting stuff. Never would´ve expected that. There are some interesting experiences that happen on the mission. 

So I don´t know if you remember the family that I sent you a picture of me with them a while ago. They´re spanish and we´ve been teaching them for as long as I´ve been here. They´re just incredible! I love them so much! They are finally making plans to get married! And they will be getting married in 2 months. I´m sad I won´t be here for their wedding or their baptism that will surely come after that. But I am so grateful that I´ve been blessed with the opportunity of getting to know them and being a small part in helping them find the gospel. 

We also had special training conference with the Cartagena zone and with President Deere on friday. So I got to see hna Flake again! Oh how I love that girl! We also got to have personal interviews with President. He´s incredible! He has so much love for every single one of us! He is so sincere and just the best. I´m so grateful for him and for Hermana Deere. They´re just the best. President talked all about the power of the book of mormon and how using it can strenghten the power we have as missionaries. We defintiely have power already, but there´s nothing better that we can use than the Book of Mormon to help us teach and to help our investigators gain a testimony of this gospel. And it´s so true! There are so many great blessings in this gospel, and the Book of Mormon is truly one of them. 

Well I´m out of time so until next week, but I love you all! I hope everything is well at home! Lots of love and can´t wait to talk to you in 2 weeks!!!

Hermana Walton

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