Monday, December 23, 2013

Oh how I wish her package had made it! I'm a sad mommy right now.  Mailed at Thanksgiving...stuck in Madrid customs.  I can only pray for a miracle.  It is not about the's about the love.  Good thing we get to Skype in two days!!  Merry Christmas!

Feliz Navidad!!!​!!!

Paige Walton
6:17 AM (15 hours ago)
to me, Tyler, Elliot, Whitney, Luke
Oh Family! This is a very different and strange Christmas for me, to be honest, not to be with all of your will be really hard, but I get to talk to you and see you in 2 DAYS!!!! So that makes me feel better! And yes, it´s hard and different, but I know that my Saviour needs me here and so I will allow myself to feel of his spirit which is the true spirit of Christmas.

So speaking of the non-true spirit of Christmas, I haven´t gotten my package yet, nor am I planning on having it for Christmas day. But I think I´ve finally gotten all the paper work in that they need so that I can get it. It wouldn´t be that hard if I was a normal person, but as a missionary it´s been a long process just to finally get it. But I´m hoping it´ll come sometime this week. We´ll see. The post office is closed tomorrow and wednesday so it may not happen, but it´s possible. It´s just kind of a rotten luck kind of thing. The lady at the post office told us that of the thousand or so packages that came into spain for the holidays that only 100 of them were chosen to go through this new scanning process. And what luck! I got chosen! Haha, oh man. That would happen, huh? But that´s ok. I´ll get it eventually.

So remember how last time I told you about our week of finding and how we had a goal to find 800 new investigators in one week? Yeah well get ready for some awesome miracle stories, and some not so miraculous ones too. Haha. As a mission, we found 847 new investigators!!!! It was crazy! The most that has ever been found before this was 558 which was during an earlier week of finding and we usually average about 225-250 new investigators in a week, so that was a really big deal for us. As a companionship we found 4 new investigators. One of them happened monday night, the first day of the week, and the other 3 happened sunday night, the last night of the week. 

The first new we found is the "husband" of an investigator that we have. It was actually a big blessing that he was here this week. His name is Sylvestre. He normally lives in France which is where he is working right now and then comes back and visits when we had days off. But he´s been here for a while and we´ve had two lessons with him this week, and he´s great, he just needs to stop talking and listen more and he´ll be all set. 

The 3 news that we found last night were actually antiguos that we had dropped but then we had a cita fall through on us last night and we were close to their house so we stopped by. Their names are Edita, Dayleni, and Wilber. Yep, that´s right. The family that had fechas but the Dad said no, and we haven´t seen them since. We finally got to see them! That was such a blessing! I forgot how much I loved them. They´re just so sweet! And Wilber was so funny. We were just talking and all the sudden he just says, "I´m not changing my mind mom, I want to get baptized." Hahaha. He´s 10 and I just love him. All of them, actually. So their dad is in Switzerland working for 3 months and we´re thinking that´s why they let us in, because he´s not there, but even if that´s true that´s fine with me, we´ve got 3 months to work with them and get them coming back to church and all that good stuff. 

So, now for the big miracle. Remember the family of MariCarmen, Juan, and Carmen, the cute little spanish family that we´ve been teaching since I got here and the parents are working of getting married so they can get baptized? Well, the little daughter is getting baptized on saturday!!!! Yep, Carmen is getting baptized!!!!! And we´re so excited! She´s already had her interview and her parents are all for it so we´re set to go, we just have to actually do it and that´s that. I´m so excited that I´ll be here to see it too. The first lesson I taught in the field was with this family and I was so sad that I wasn´t going to be able to see them get baptized, but now I´ll at least get to see Carmen´s baptism. 

So it was raining a little this week. Well actually that´s an understatment. It rained a lot. Especially on thursday night. So this was our thursday night. We went to Paula´s house to eat and it started sprinkling a little bit but we thought we were fine. So we started contacting a whole bunch of futures we had, we even had a cita with one of them, but no one was home and the cita fell through. And it was pouring like nobodies business, and we were too far away to go home and get umbrellas. So we were drenched! We did have one miracle lesson, but they took our number and said they´d call us when they wanted more, so I´m not expecting anything more to come of that. We counted afterwards and we went to 21 different people´s houses and no one was home, which doesn´t make sense, because you don´t go out when it´s raining, but oh well, that´s what happened. So we were soaking wet and cold and it was a fun and interesting experience. We can back and took hot showers and made french toast and hot chocolate and then went to bed. Haha, so it ended well.

Well there´s all the goods from this week. I´ll see all your beautiful faces on wednesday!!! 10 am your time, 6 pm my time. Just leave your skype open and I´ll call you when I´m ready. I´ll probably use mom´s account, but I would have dad´s open too just in case something happens. Love you all a whole bunch!!!! Have the best Christmas and tell everyone else there how much I love them too!!! See you soon!!!!

Hermana Walton 

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