Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Paige Walton
10:25 am (1 day ago)
to me, Tyler, Elliot, Whitney, Luke
So it finally happened! My first baptism!!! I got one! Haha, wow, that probably sounds really bad. But hey, that´s ok. It was a really good baptism. Of course, it´s a lot better when it´s your investigator than someone else´s. Even though you´re obviously happy for them, it´s better when you love the person and have seen them progress and all that. But yeah, little Carmen is officially a member of the church! It was so cool! I just love her a whole bunch. She´s a little crazy, but I still love her. 

So let´s see, Christmas...it was so good to talk to you guys! I loved seeing you all and hearing your voices! I wish it could´ve been longer, and hour was no where near enough, but that´s ok, at least we got a little bit of time. And it´s kind of weird to think that we´ve got 5 more months and I´ll talk to you on mother´s day and then the next time we hear each other´s voices will be in real life!!! That´s so weird to think about. But that´s still a ways off. After I talked to you guys the day was done, so yeah. And then we had the baptism saturday

Oh! And yesterday was so much fun! We went to a family´s house to eat and had some really good soup and rice. Then afterwards my comp saw the fireplace they had and asked how you use it. Haha, she´s such a city girl. So the dad lit up the fire and then whipped out a bag of marshmellows! Yes, we did roast marshmellows in their fireplace, and yes, I did teach them how to make s´mores out of them, and even though they didn´t have chocolate and the crackers weren´t exactly the same as graham crackers, they were still so fun and yummy! 

So this week is going to be an interesting week. First of all we have new year´s. And once again, spain has some strange traditions they like to do. We have permission again to be out til midnight for new year´s eve and they do this thing where they watch this big clock in madrid and when the clock chimes 12 they eat a grape for every chime, so you have like 12 seconds to eat 12 grapes. Haha. it´ll be kind of fun! Then we also have a talent show on friday with all the missionaries on our side of the mission, so 3 zones of missionaries, which means I get to see hna Jarvis!!! I´m so excited to see her! I´ve missed her! So that´ll be way fun. And we also have 2 mini-missionaries coming to stay with us from thursday morning to tuesday. This could be a good thing. We´ll see. Haha. It means that for 6 days we´ll be on splits with them. They´re obviously not missionaries, so they won´t know the lessons or anything like that. And it will sure be a whole lot more work for planning the days, but we´ll see. It´ll hopefully be a fun thing and a good thing for the girls and for us. 

Well I´m out of time for today. I love you all so much and hope that you know how much your Savior loves you too. Thank you for your examples, for your love, and for all you mean to me. I love you so so so so so much! Happy New Year´s!!! 

Hermana Walton

So we did have a white Christmas after all!!!! Oh wait, that´s just ice they dumped out on the side of the road from the local fish market...
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