Monday, December 16, 2013

9 DAYS!!!! But who´s counting right?

Paige Walton
10:11 AM (1 hour ago)
to me, Tyler, Elliot, Whitney, Luke
Alright, so next week we will only have 2 more days until we get to talk! I´m kind of really really excited to talk to you! It hasn´t really hit me yet that I actually get to, but that´s probably a good thing or that´s all I would think about. But yeah we have just a little more than a week and I´ll be able to see your faces and hear your voices. I´ve missed them. So that´ll be nice. 

So let´s see, what happened this week...oh...well actually I was sick and at home for a total of about 3 days over the course of the week. Yeah that was fun. Haha. Some days you think you want a break, and they really are nice, but when you´re sick, they´re really not that fun. I mean you can only spend so much time sleeping or watching the same church movies over and over again. But that´s ok. I´m finally out and about and working again. So that´s nice. My companion went on splits with the members a lot so that we could get something done. I mean we still didn´t get a lot done, but at least we had a few lessons during the week. Man oh man though. Some of the members are so funny. I had one member staying with me one night and all she wanted to do was tell me her life´s story and show me pictures of everything and it was funny. She´s sweet and I love her, but I got a little sick of it after the first hour. Haha. They´re funny though. Carpeting basically doesn´t exist here in spain, sad I know, and so we have rock tile floors and here everyone wears shoes inside all the time, but I´m not a big shoe person so when I´m home, I like my bare feet. Anyway, whenever someone was in our piso they almost always got mad at me for not having socks on or anything. I mean, we had the heater on and the floor really wasn´t cold, but one of them even went out and bought me little slipper things so that I wouldn´t do it anymore. Haha. Oh man. It´s sweet, and I love that they care, but I´m a big girl, I think I can figure it out. Haha.

So we got to watch the Christmas devotional yesterday after church. They even had it in english for the missionaries! How great is that! It was good, to be honest, the elders were talking the whole time, ok I was talking with them too, so we didn´t really hear much of it...woops! But that´s ok. We listened to the music. And alright my favorite part...did any of you catch during the song that the primary kids were singing that one of the little boys winks at one of the little girls??? Yeah, it definitely happened! We were all dying! It was pretty great. I know that´s terrible that that was my favorite part, but oh well.

So this week is a big week for the mission. We are doing a week of finding. That means that we are setting a big goal as a mission to find a bunch of new investigators. And man is it a big goal. Our goal is to find 800 new investigators in one week. That´s an average of 8 per companionship. In the past, the most we´ve found as a mission in one week had been 558 and that was during another week of finding. We normally average somewhere around 250 in a week. To be a new investigator we have to teach them and then set a return appointment to teach them again. So this week is no small task, but it´s going to be a week of miracles and we´re so excited for that! I´m sure I´ll have a bunch of stories next week to tell you all. We are going to work hard. There´s a quote from someone, I have no idea who that we use as missionaries. To have success we need to work as if everything depends on us and pray as if everything depends on the Lord. And that´s exactly what we´re going to do. We´ll be as obedient as we can and pray as much and with as much faith as we can and then let the Lord do the rest. It´ll be an awesome week, I´m sure. But it´s also going to take a lot of work. So pray for me, k? Thanks! 

Well I love you all so much and can´t wait to talk to you in 9 days!!!!! Thanks for being the world´s best family! I really have been so incredibly blessed to be a Walton. Love you love you love you! Talk to you next week!

Hermana Walton

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