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Paige Walton

Mar 31 (12 days ago)
to me, Tyler, Elliot, Whitney, Luke
Alright, so I don´t have much time today, so this might be a little shorter than normal. Anyway. Sevilla is incredible! It´s so pretty! I´d love to serve there, but it´s also one of the hotest places in the mission, and considering that all the time I really have left in the mission is during summer weather, I would probably die if I was there. Haha. So we were there on p-day last week and we did end up going to see the Plaza de España. It´s so cool! I´ll attach a picture or two, so don´t worry. But we had a lot of fun there. Then we went on splits with the hermanas there and we went and taught this older man that´s actually American but he´s lived in Spain the last 40 or so years. His name is Charles. He´s incredible! I loved getting to teach him. It was weird to teach and pray and all that stuff in english, but it so cool to meet him. 

Then we spent the night there and woke up the next morning for the special training/tri-zone conference with President Deere. Ok, can I just say he is an incredible man? I can´t get over how cool he is! I´m excited for you all to meet him one day. He just has such a love for this work and for all of us. We´re pretty lucky to have him as our President. Hermana Deere too. They´re just both incredible. Anyway, we had a fun conference with them and the APs and it was so much fun to meet new missionaries and to see old friends I hadn´t seen in a while. Then we had to race to the train after to try to catch it because we got out of our conference late (surprise! haha, actually that happens basically every time) and we literally missed it by about 30 seconds. Haha. So we had to wait 3 hours for the next bus that left, Oh those bus rides. Honestly, if you´re not in a car, there´s no good way to travel between Badajoz and Sevilla. It kind of just stinks, haha.

Then wednesday we had a pretty good filled day with lessons and things like that. Thursday we had weekly planning and nothing too exciting happened (except that it really hit me that my comp is leaving me and I´m going to have to take over the area).

Speaking of taking over the area. We got our transfer calls this week. Hna Muse will be heading out to Granada and I will be here with a new comp. Her name is Hna. Herrera and she´s south american but lives in Barcelona. She´s younger than me in the mission, so I get my first shot at being senior comp. Which I´m excited for, it´ll definitely push me and help me grow. But at the same time, I´ve never done it so I´m not sure exactly what to do. I know it won´t be that different. I just hope with all of my heart that I can keep the success going that we´ve been having here lately when Hna Muse isn´t here. It´ll be hard to have her leave, but that´s kind of just how it goes. Haha. I think it´s harder just because it´ll just be me and my comp without any other missionaries out here, but I´m banking on the fact that things are going to go well and the Lord will provide. Plus my spanish is going to get that much better! That´ll be fun! And weird, haha, I´ll literally have no one to talk to in english. But oh well. It´ll be good for me.

Well I´m out of time. I love you all! I hope you´re doing well and that you´re enjoying life and all it has to bring you. Have an awesome week! I´ll write more next week, sorry it´s kind of another lame one this week, but I´ll have a bunch to tell you next week. Love you love you love you!

Hermana Walton

The Plaza de España!!!

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