Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sevilla! Again!


Paige Walton

Apr 14 (10 days ago)
to me, Tyler, Elliot, Whitney, Luke
Hello there!
So this week, well, it was kind of a slow week. But I guess that´s kind of just become Badajoz. It´s kind of rough. Honestly, sometimes I just don´t know what to do there. We need so badly to find new investigators, but I´m not really sure what to do. We keep finding glimmers of hope, only to have them fizzle out and die the next day.
We did have one miracle this week though! So we were walking around Tuesday night with nothing set, no citas or anything just knocking doors, and that kind of fun stuff. But then, we got a phone call from a member. She asked us where we were and if we were doing anything right then. We weren´t of course, and weren´t too far from her either. She then wanted to give us a reference and asked if we could go meet him. So we told her we had time right now if she wanted to take us there. So we went and met him. His name is Juan. He is homeless, and he lost his wife and his mom about 2 years back and his dad when he was really young. So he has no family, is homeless, and honestly, just kind of really doesn´t have much going for him right now. But we went back Wednesday morning and had a cita with him and it went really well. We had another cita with him on Friday night too, but we were a little late because of traveling and he wasn´t there. Because he´s homeless and doesn´t have a phone or anything like that, it´s a little tricky to get in touch with him, but we´ve been searching for him since then to see if we can meet with him again. He´s definitely got some good potential and needs the gospel so badly!
We also had a Zone Confernce last Friday in Sevilla, so we came down Thursday night and stayed the night there. We had a good conference and then the senior couple that was there brought stuff and made us all rootbeer floats! That was so sweet of them! Then we traveled, yet again, home. Only to turn around and travel right back again this morning. We have a special training conference with both sevilla zones and President Deere tomorrow so that´ll be fun! And we got to spend pday here in Sevilla again.
It´s kind of a crazy time here in Spain. This week is something called La Semana Santa, meaning, the holy week. They literally spend all week parading around little floats of their saints and their virgins and Christ. It´s a very interesting thing to watch. It´s a little strange for Americans because the people that walk aroung with the floats are dressed in outfits of the KKK (this is where the KKK got their idea from) to hide their faces. They make promises to the saints and to the virgins and when they participate in this week, it takes away their sins. Interesting idea, but it literally goes on all day, everyday, this whole week. It´s a cool cultural thing, but it kind of just has a creepy feeling to it.
Well things are fine here though! It´s nice to have a little break from Badajoz and to be with other missionaries. Things are still going well with Hna Herrera and she´s been a big help! I´ve definitely been feeling my energy draining and I´m getting a little burned out of Badajoz, so it´s nice that she has a big flame still, so that´s been good. Plus I just love her!
Sorry no pictures this week, the computer I´m using today is a little ancient and there isn´t a way to attach one this time. But soon, I promise.
I love you all! I hope you have a fabulous easter and that you enjoy your spring break! Remember the thing we really are celebrating and the thing that we teach. Christ, that he lives, that he was resurrected and that by him and through him, we will be too someday. He loves us, we can show that love by sharing the gospel. Find someone to share it with this week. Love you!
Hermana Walton

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