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Paige Walton

Sep 22 (1 day ago)
to me, Tyler, Elliot, Luke, Whitney
Hey there! 

Alright I´m pretty sure that I start all my emails out basically the same way, but at this point I don´t really know what else to say. So "hey there" is just going to have to keep working. Haha. Sorry. 

Anyway, it´s been a good week! We had a really good pday last week and we all went bowling together as a district. I do have to boast a little of myself and tell you I got the overall win with a 149! Haha, I´m pretty sure that´s a new record for me. But we had a lot of fun. Then we had district meeting afterwords. 

Tuesday was sent finishing packing and saying goodbye to people and getting everything situated before transfers. It was a long day, but we got everything done. Well, almost. There were a few people I wanted to see that we didn´t have time for, but I got most of them in. 

Wednesday was spent traveling the whole day. I left at 10:45 and got to Málaga at 5:30. Then we went home and dropped my stuff off and then we had english class and noche de hogar that night. 

Since then we´ve had some good citas and some good futures and all that. It´s been nice to change areas and get something new, but I´m also in that weird transition period now of having to start over and learn new names and streets and bus schedules and all that again. But that´s ok. It´s not like I didn´t expect that. But things are going well! I love my comp! She´s so cute! She´s from Sacramento, CA and we get along really well and are just laughing a lot, so that´s a good thing. 

I´m also really excited to be in this ward. It seems great. Obviously I don´t know much yet, but I´m very excited. Málaga is a different place, but in a very good way. I´m excited to be in the southern part of the country (Andalucía) which is what everyone raves about in the mission. People always say they love Andalucía, so I´m really excited I´ll be able to finish my mission here. Oh! And here´s my new address for those that will actually use it...aka...Mom. Haha.  

Hna Paige Walton
Avda Manual Torres Nº6, 1ºB
Málaga, Andalucía 29003 

Hey guys, sorry it´s short this week, but I gotta go now. Love you all with my whole heart! You´re the best! 

Hna Walton

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