Monday, September 8, 2014

Paige Walton

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to me, Tyler, Elliot, Luke, Whitney
Hey there everyone! 

Well, this week was a lot better. It didn´t start out all too great, but it got a lot better. We changed our pday this week and so we emailed last monday, but then we went out to work. We had a great lesson with our fecha, Sila, and also with Xiomara, my favorite person in the whole world! I just love her so much!

Tuesday we had our pday. We changed it because we had gotten some tickets to go see all the historical sites in Cartagena, and a lot of them aren´t open on Monday, so we did it on Tuesday instead. We went and saw some old Roman ruins, and a really cool old Roman Ampitheater. That was really cool! When we were there we met some Welsh people. They were really funny. It also made me feel a lot better that they were more white than we were. We may not be as tan as spanish people (even though this is the most tan I´ve been in my life), but it´s good to know that there are still people more white than we are. Haha, anyway. Then I got some new skirts! Man, I´ve been needing that for so long. It´s nice to have more than one option of which skirt I´m going to wear. 

Wednesday we had a cita with María José. She´s our 27 year old spanish investigator that´s progressing really slowly. Still no changes in the speed of her progression, but she´s definitely still progressing so we´re very happy about that. We had an eating cita with us and Xiomara came, too. She had fun. She´s friends with their son that´s on his mission, so I think it was really good for her. It was fun to have her there, too. 

Thursday was kind of spent as a walking around day. 

Friday we had zone conference in the morning. Then we had a really good cita with Lydia, our menos activa, well one of them...haha. And then for the afternoon we had a girl´s night with Xiomara and the YSA members of our ward to help her feel more comfortable in the ward. We made cookies and had so much fun! It was really nice to do something different. We had a good time. 

Saturday we had another good cita with Sila and taught him finally about the Restoration (he needed a basis of other things before we could even talk about that). We also had a really good cita with Nicolas, one of our other menos activos. Then we went to the church and I had the elders give me a blessing because I´ve been having some dizzy spells lately that we´re not sure what´s causing them (don´t worry mom, it´s nothing to worry about, we´re taking care of it). So they gave me a blessing and it´s been a little better since then, but they still happen every once in a while.

NEWS FLASH!!!!! Nicolas is no longer menos activo! We rescued him yesterday. Yesterday was really nice. We had all 3 of our progressing menos activos in church yesterday -- Lydia, Nicolas, and Xiomara. It was so nice to see them all there! The cool thing is that Xiomara can be rescued if she comes to church next week, and Lydia can be rescued the week after that! So we´re really excited about that. We also had another really good cita with Sila. He´s still got his baptismal fecha and things are going well. We´re really excited for him. I´m just bummed that I won´t be here. He´s hilarious though. We´re grateful that we´ve been able to teach him. 

Oh we also found these really cool face masks at the grocery store that we´ve fallen in love with and we´ve used them a few times. Of course we took pictures, I´ll attach one for you to see our loveliness. I´m also going to send a picture of one of the sites we went to that has part of the old Roman road and how the ciy would´ve looked back then. And then I´ll also send one of us making cookies. Enjoy!

Anyway, it´s been a good week. Not perfect, but good. We´re a lot happier and we´re doing well. Thank you for all your support and love and prayers. I love you all so much! See you December 27th! (It´s a for sure things now :)  ). 

Hna Walton

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