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to me, Tyler, Elliot, Luke, Whitney
Alright Family! I´ve got some good stories for this week. 

Although things are still going more slowly and we´re still dying a little of heat, things went better this week. Let´s start out with our miracle cita on Wednesday. We had a cita with a menos activo named Nicolas. We weren´t really planning on seeing him, but we had some time and called him because we were in his area. He didn´t sound peppy or happy or like his normal self at all on the phone and so we knew that something was up. We got to the lesson and he started complaining about a lot of things and we just threw the lesson we had planned out the window and went with the spirit. And thank goodness we did. We got to the end of the lesson and he admitted to us that when we called him and asked to see him he had decided to tell us that he was done with the church, with God, with all of it. He was going to pack up all his things and he was going to run the next day without anyone knowing where he was going, because he didn´t know where he was going to go. But when we were talking to him, he completely changed his mind and decided that was not what he needed. I don´t know what we said to change his mind, but I can promise you it wasn´t us. It was a really cool miracle though, and we were very grateful to be able to be a part of that. He´s now come to church 3 weeks in a row and can get rescued once he has an interview with the bishop!

We also got to finally see Xiomara this week after going a little while without seeing her. She´s just so cute and I love her so much! She also came to church yesterday and is very close to being rescued as well. She also is getting herself prepared to receive her patriarchal blessing which is something she´s really excited for! 

Last night we had a cita with Sila, our muslim investigator, and we set a baptismal fecha with him! It´s set for the 27th of September. He´s still got a lot of things to learn and a whole lot of questions we have to reslove, but we think we can definitely get him there! So pray for him please! It a very interesting experience to teach him, but it´s also been good to have something to push us both, something different, not our normal "catholic" investigator. Haha, 

We also had a really fun eating cita this week. We went to our Bishop´s house on Tuesday and we walked in and they say, actually you guys are going to cook for us and we´re going to tell you how to do it. So they taught us how to make paella from scratch and it was so so so good! I´m so excited! And it was an all-natural paella, unlike a lot of other paella dishes I´ve eaten, and it was so much better, too. I´m excited to make it for you all someday. 

Oh, and I got my trunky papers this week! Those are the papers that tell you your release date and all of the things you have to do before you can go home and so that the mission can prepare for your leaving. It´s crazy! One of those times that it hits you that a mission really does end. You guys will actually also be getting your own trunky papers this week. And it will have a date on there for my release date, but just ignore that. We´re working on changing it. It´s looking right now like it will be the 27th of December. Hna Deere is working on finalizing that and she said she´d let us know as soon as she knows, so as soon as I know, you´ll know as well. But it looks like I will definitely be home in time for BYU to start winter semester. WOOT WOOT!!!! Haha,

So there´s your update for the week. I love you all! Have an awesome week! Talk to you next week.

Hna Walton

Our paella with the Bishop

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