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Paige Walton

Sep 15 (8 days ago)
to me, Tyler, Elliot, Luke, Whitney
Ok, well let´s start with the big news first. Transfers! Friday was a rough day. We got a call from President while we were in an eating cita and we couldn´t answer and so we knew for sure he was going to call back, we just didn´t know when so we spent a lot more time just waiting and thinking about what was going to happen until he finally called again. And I´m very excited to tell you all that I will be ending my mission in no better place than Málaga! I´m super excited! There are 4 wards there and I will be in ward 2 with Hna Andrus. I met her briefly, but don´t know her very well. So I´ll tell you more about her next week. 

So Monday last week we went book shopping (don´t worry, stricktly after the mission stuff) and then hung out at home for a little. Then we went and had a cita with a cute little menos activa family that we love! They´re getting there are will come back eventually, but it´ll take some more time. 

Tuesday we a cool activity for the women of Europe where there was a broadcast from Germany and we got to hear from Elder Bednar and Elder Ballard along with a few other people and general authorities. It was pretty cool.

We did have a pretty big miracle this week, actually we had lots, but Tuesday our Bishop called us to tell us that he had talked to Xiomara´s mom and that she had agreed to take the lessons, so we got to go see her on Wednesday and she´s really great! We´ll see where it goes with her. Then we went and ate with Neli and Juanito, our older couple that had fechas before. 

Thursday we made cookies with the menos activa family that we love. The family was obbsessed! Haha, the cookies turned out very well, so that was good. And then we finally got to have another cita with Alicia. She´s an investigator that we´ve had since a little before I got here, but she wasn´t around for summer...but we finally got to see her again which was nice. We also have a posibility of teaching her sister, too.

Friday was the day we got transfer calls, so it was stressful just for that reason, but we also had a huge miracle! Lydia, one of our menos activas, has been sick since I´ve been here and she hasn´t been able to hear very well at all because of it. But we went and had a lesson, it wasn´t anything special, but we said the closing prayer, and she looked at us and said "I can hear!" She then ran to the window and started screaming and was running around the house laughing and singing and happy as can be! In some moment during the prayer her hearing came back. It was such an incredible miracle. 

That night we went to an activity and the elders did a really funny missionary remix version of a popular enrique iglesias song called bailando. It was hilarious! 

Saturday we had some really good citas, especially with Aichata, a new investigator from Africa. She was taught by the elders but we lost contact with her since they passed that are over to us a few transfers ago, but she´s great! We´re really excited about her. 

Sunday was my last day at church here, but it was a great one because we rescued Xiomara officially! I just love that girl! I really feel like she was the reason that I came to Cartagena. Then we went to her house to eat after church and we had a cita with Sila. He´s still progressing, but he probably won´t get baptized on the 27th. And then we went and said goodbye to some of my favorite people. That was rough, but it´s ok. I knew it was coming at some point. 

It was a really good week. I´m sad to have to leave Cartagena, but I´ve been very grateful to be here, too. I´m excited to see what Málaga has to offer. I´ll let you know all about it next week. Love you all!

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