Monday, September 8, 2014

Paige Walton

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to me, Tyler, Elliot, Luke, Whitney
Well hey there! 

Alrighty so this week...well...we had intercambios with the SHEs this week and that was really fun. I was with hna Blake and she´s just so cute! Love her so much! We had fun together and had a lot of miracles. The biggest of which being that we had citas the whole time which hasn´t happened in a very long time. That was a nice break. During intercambios we went to see Hna Brown "die" as she went home this week. That´s just so weird to me that that group is home now! It´s already weird not having them here, but I´m excited for them as well. 

We also went to Lydia´s this week and ate lunch with her. She´s one of the menos activas we are working with. We ate Fufu which is a classic African food that you eat with your hands. It´s like a really sticky corn meal/potato thing and you dip it in soup and then eat it and it´s really good! It wasn´t the first time I´ve eaten it, we had it a few times in Badajoz, but it was the first time I´d eaten it with my hands, haha, so that was fun!

We also had an investigator in church yesterday! It´s a pretty big deal considering it´s the first one we´ve had since I´ve been in Cartagena. It was really nice to have someone there. We´ve had menos activos, some that are pretty consistently coming now which is nice, but not investigators, so we were very happy about that. His name is Sila. He´s from Mali and is muslim, but we´ve been teaching him for the last 3 or 4 weeks and he seems to be actually progressing so that´s good! It´s interesting and difficult to teach someone who has no christian backgound knowledge, but it´s a good challenge, too. 

We also got to meet the first member in Spain yesterday. He lives in Utah know, but they come back every summer and were in our ward yesterday. He´s incredibly hilarious! He speaks some crazy spanglish and he´s so cute! My comp and I both gave talks yesterday, too, and he just kept complimenting us. I mean ok, they were pretty decent talks, but they weren´t as good as he was saying. He was just a really funny old man. So we took a picture with him. haha. 

Let´s see, I´m not really sure what else to tell you all about. It´s been a fine week. We´re really excited that this week is the last week of August and we´re hoping that things can finally start to go back to normal a little bit after this week. We´ll see though. 

We´re going to go see some cool historical sites here in Cartagena for pday today which we´re excited about. Cartagena is where the Punic Wars were fought and it´s also the 2nd largest Roman influenced city in Spain, so there are some really really cools things to see here. I´ll take lots of pictures and hopefully have something cool to talk about next week. Haha.

Well I love you all lots! Have a great week! Enjoy the rain and keep on keepin´ on. Love you!

Hna Walton

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